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SOS Manly – Tim Fiddes, or is it Tim Feeder?

September 8, 2008

As promised, the next installment of Tom’s Truth looks at SOS Manly, ably led by Tim Fiddes at the top of the ticket.

SOS Manly have run arguably the highest visibility campaing over the last several weeks, distributing hundreds of bright yellow enviro shopping bags and being an almost constant presence on the spit hill with their banner (at first illegaly atached to crown land,See Local Government (General) Regulations) and then having Deborah Mosman and James McFarlane hold the banner aloft.

Like almost all the other tickets, policy has been thin on the ground, and when it has made an appearance it reads as a virtual carbon copy of the previously mentioned Manly Independents. This is no surprise as SOS Manly is the Manly Independents feeder ticket. It is true that no money has chanegd hands between the two, but Tim Fiddes has long been associated with Peter MacDonald, and indeed Richard Hewitt, who runs on the SOS Ticket, ran with MacDonald in 2003.

On a quick aside, it seems I pissed off Roy Lennon by being mean to Manly Independents. Well, back on August 5, Roy put pen to paper in the Manly Daily spruiking Barbara Aird, so now he trawls the internet searching for a forum in which to defend his beloved leader. Give it up Roy, the leadership of Manly Independents has seen more money spent fighting residents in court than any other council, including a council funded defamation case because Peter MacDonald couldn’t keep his mouth shut. I am fiercly independent, but I can think of nothing better than Manly Independents being wiped completely from the Council.  No doubt Roy, you’ll be out on polling day shoving a Barbara Aird leaflet in my face. I’ll take it, as I need something to……ahem…..clean myself…….with.

Now, back to SOS Manly.

In simple terms, this is a well funded feeder ticket, designed to strengthen the representation of Manly Independents on council. I get along well with Tim Fiddes and Deborah Mosman, and even though we disagree politically, I have always enjoyed pleasant conversation with them. I even get my shopping in a bright yellow bag.

I wish Tim all the best, but I honestly feel that, as the capmaign draws to a close, the lack of any policy and any real different offering to the current crop of “Manly Independents” will ultimately be the undoing of SOS Manly.

Next Up – The Liberals……oh come on……again??????


Manly independents?

August 26, 2008

This election will be one of the most fiercly contested in Manly’s history. With 8 groups, 1 ungrouped candidate, and 9 mayoral candidates it is vital that voters look closely at each group.

I would suggest we start with the curiously named Manly Independents.

I mention this curiosity, as far from being truly independent, they are actually a registered political party. This requires them to have a certain membership level, party rules and funding.

It is completely the opposite of the original free thinking independent candidate .

Their ticket is headed by current mayor Peter MacDonald, although their mayoral candidate is Barbara Aird, who appears second on the ticket. No folks, this is not a typo. It is a cynical political move that has revealed the true power structure of the ticket.

You see, when a Mayor is directly elected, the subsequent winner of that election CANNOT be elected as a Councillor. Clearly, Manly Independents are not confident of reaching 2 full quotas (Who, apart from the Liberal Party, could possibly expect 2 full quota’s with 8 groups running?) and so will try and gain three spots on Council by winning the Mayoralty (worth a quota in real terms), getting Dr. MacDonald elected from the above the line votes, and taking the mayoral quota for their third candidate.

Feeling confused? If you answered yes, then Manly Independents have done their job.

I perused their website, at and discovered very little in the way of forward thinking, progressive policy. It appearred to be full of escuses for the myriad of things that have gone wrong during the last term of council, including the Corso refurbishment, Corso Dining and ever rising rates.

It’s probably worth mentioning that Manly Independents (under a different name) currently control council, and have done since 2003. In that time, the foul stench of corruption has lingered over the council, and a fortnight ago I presented irrefutable proof that the Manly Independents controlled council lied to the public regarding their connections with Culligans Water.

So, in summary Manly Independents have done very little to move Manly forward since they took over, and now seek yet another term to lie to the public, mismanage major projects, and swell GM Henry Wong’s bank account.

My advice…..don’t give it to them.

Coming up next – SOS Manly (AKA Tim Fiddes while Manly Burns)