Fundamentalism – This Must Stop

Warning – This blog will seem quite Right Wing. I’m really not, btu I am sick to death of these fundamentalist murderers getting away with their crap.


If you haven’t read the news today, let me draw your attention to two particularly disturbing items from the good folk at Fairfax.

To read the story fo a 13 year old girl raped then murdered, click here.

To see people defending the right of the Bali bombers to kill innocent people, click here.

The acts described in the first story are simply heartbreaking. A girl, raped, accused of adultery and stoned to death. A young boy gunned down in cold blood by the religious police when he tried to defend her. The truly sickening aspect of a crowd of 1000 people cheering this act. Yes, cheering.

It is enough to bring tears to your eyes, and turn your stomach. Thank God I was born here, and not there.

The second story talks about the crowds of people seeking to defend the right of the Bali bombers to live full and happy lives, even though none of the 202 people killed on October 12, 2002 get that chance.

As I write, bomb threats have been issued against the Australian and USA embassies in Jakarta. There is no knowing what is going to happen in Indonesia, or elsewhere over the enxt few days as fundamentlist Islamists mourn the death of truly evil men.

Reading these two stories prompted me to wonder what we have to do in order to stop this kind of behaviour? Having looked at the history of armed conflicts, sanctions and diplomacy it seems that nothing at all has brought us any closer to stopping this behaviour.

I ahve always opposed the death penalty, but it seems that it is our last resort. It must become so unattractive to perform these acts that people will simply stop.

So when I speak of the death penalty, I am not just talking about the people who undergo well managed trials in courts, or are made scapegoats by their fundamentalist regimes.

I believe that we need to find the people who perpetrate these acts, and kill them. Then we need to find the people who funded the acts and kill them. Then we need to find anyone who supported these acts and kill them also.

WE need to use unimaginable military force to say enough is enough. Enough of fundamentalist Hindus raping Christian nun’s in India. Enough of Irish fundamentalist Catholics killing Protestants. Enough of Islamic women, and children, being stoned to death because they were raped.

As Yitzhak Rabin said, “Enough of blood and tears. Enough!”

If the talking won’t work, then make these cowards truly scared, and make them realise we’re coming.

This may be read one day, and I may end up with a Fatwa thrust upon me by some ridiculous joke like figure such as Sheik Hilaly or Mahmood Ahmedinijad, but I simply don’t care. We must stand up and stop fundamentalists of all colours and creeds.

It is the only way we will ensure a peaceful future, where we will truly be able to honour Rabin’s dream.


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