The US Election – My Endorsment

More than any other day in recent history, Tuesday November 4 will be a day when the world changes.

For the last 8 years, we have seen the world’s only superpower become the world’s second best superpower. We have seen a President who redefines incompetence lead the worlds largest military force into a war with no exit strategy or reasonable plan for reconstruction.

For the record, I fully supported the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime. It was done to secure the energy future of the Western Hemisphere. It should have been done to liberate a people, and the same should have been done in Zimbabwe, North Korea and the Sudan.

I do not support the cold blooded killing of civilians, and I do not support terrorism. I supported the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by whichever means necessary.

Now that we have cleared that up, I want to, very briefly, give my $0.02 on the US election.

The only reasonable choice for the next leader of the free world is Senator Barack Obama.

His message of change, hope and reconstruction is necessary to inspire the great young minds of my generation to use their intelligence for good. We have many great young minds, and too many of them are being put to waste instead of tackling the  immense problems we face in this day and age.

Senator Obama has the political will and oratory skill to lead the world into a bold new age of social responsibility and fiscal best practice. Wars will be fought against disease as well as despots. Rescue packages will exist for those who need them most, not just the biggest banks. We may finally learn to trust the political system and those who engage in it.

The current federal government is in a catastrophic state. Prime Minister Rudd is so focused on spin, advertising and Kochie that he has failed to truly make a positive difference to Australian culture or society since his election.

He could learn a great deal from Senator Obama.

May whichever God you pray to lead Senator Obama into the Oval Office.


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