In news breaking this evening, The Manly Independents Party have been linked to a website at which treads perilously close to breaching the Manly Council’s copyright, and also slanders other candidates in the elections.

Anthony Cameron, who is responsible for the website, is listed as donating ten or more hours to the Manly Independents Party on the candidate’s statements, which are required under Manly Council’s Charter of Political Reform.

The statement for Peter Macdonald can be found here with the statement for Barbara Aird also showing a donation accepted from Anthony Cameron. View Barbara Aird’s statement here.

The returning officer is investigating, however the website is not expected to last long, as Anthony Cameron has hosted it on a server in Sydney, allowing the site to be shut down in a matter of hours.

The key problem is that, despite being clearly political, Anthony Cameron has broken the golden rule, by failing to authorise the website, whi9ch could leave him liable to a fine of up to $20,000.


It also looks like it’s not the first offence for Anthony Cameron, his last web site leading to this result. Yes, I know it’s a 404 error, clearly something was forced down.

I’m also a little concerned about his “Fragrant B.O.” theory of political ascendancy, which is found here  (Hit Ctrl-F and search for Cambo)

For now, the website is still up, but we watch with great interest over the next few days.


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